LifeCell Cancellation Policy

Your 30 Day Trial Period will start when the order is placed. You have authorized us to charge your credit card for Shipping and Handling charges associated with your first shipment of LifeCell. If you wish to cancel your order before the end of your 30 day Trial Period and not be charged the full $189.00, simply call 1-866-978-4406 and return your trial tube (even if it's empty!). You will not be charged anything other than the shipping and handling fees. The shipping and handling fees are non-refundable.

If you enjoy LifeCell, do nothing and at the end of your Trial Period your credit card provided today will be charged $189.00 and you will automatically be enrolled in the LifeCell VIP Discount Club. This means that in approximately 30 days from the end of your 30 day Trial Period and every 60 days thereafter, you will be shipped a new 2 month supply of LifeCell for the low VIP price of $149.00 per tube with FREE shipping for domestic customers. This is a reoccurring order. Remember, you can cancel at any time by contacting our Customer Care Department at 1-866-978-4406 Mon-Fri 9am-6pm EST. Read our Terms and Conditions for more information.